Friday, January 31, 2014

Soap Making

Something completely different and non sewing related today - soap making. It has been a couple of years since I made some soap. You really need a house to yourself for a few hours to make a batch and I haven't had that for a long time. The big three were at their grandparents last week and Chris took Olive out a few times so I could make some soap.
Home made soap is a bit like hand knitted socks, once you try it you never want to go back to the store bought stuff.
I learnt to make soap using a kit from Aussie Soap Supplies and I make a couple of variations of their basic recipe.

We have a few of those shaped silicone cake moulds that are useless for making cakes in so I tried them as cake moulds. I think the girls will like this soap - it might encourage them to actually use it!
  I bought this book on Soap Crafting recently. It is a great book on soap making, it thoroughly explains the whole process and has some recipes I would like to try. I can't see myself getting into the whole intricate colouring thing, but I like to see what different combinations of oils do.


Sew Surprising said...

Soap making has been on my too try list, but I did think it looked like a massive amount of effort, but having said that I do think it would make gorgeous gifts, off too check out the book :)

Brenda said...

I love reading your blog and seeing all of the beautiful things you make. Beautiful soaps.

Sue Rostron said...

I always want to eat those ones that look like fudge!

Stephanie said...

Handmade soaps are awesome. Love your colors. I have 2 soap making friends and I haven't bought any in years. We do a trade of sorts. :o) I tried glycerin soap making once -- pretty but not long lasting at all.

A-L said...

I'd love to learn how to make soap! Yours looks absolutely wonderful!

Miss Rosie said...

Love making soap!!! Most of my adult gifts this Christmas were handmade soap.