Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hammer Time

Burda 9493 was an impulse buy when Burda patterns were on sale. The twins rolled their eyes. Then I showed them MC Hammer on YouTube and they rolled their eyes even more and told me they were ridiculous. Eva said she would try a pair out. 
I used some Japanese cotton knit from Spotlight. I left off the pockets and didn't follow the instructions, I made them the way I normally make pants. They look comfortable, Eva said they were comfortable, but she isn't sure if she will wear them out or only as pyjamas.

 I bought the not quite so ridiculous adult version - Burda 7230 - to make some Pilates pants. No pictures of me wearing them, they aren't flattering at all, but they are incredible comfortable and perfect for Pilates class.
I also had to do some essential, but not that fun sewing this week. Grace needed new bathers. I made some for all the girls some at the start of the year, some have worn really well, but this blue fabric was a bit thinner and that pair had stretched and had some holes in. In contrast the brown floral pair is still in really good condition. It has Guess in little writing all over it, so I am assuming it is surplus fabric from Guess while the blue had Speedo on the selvedge. Interesting to see how one is so much better quality than the other.
More shorts for growing Olive. I had to use this cute Heather Ross fat quarter as soon as I got it.
I think I need to downsize the hammer time pants for her, I think they'd look really cute on those little legs.


Tanya said...

All so very cute! And I bet you look awesome in your hammer pants ;-).

Suzy said...

So cute! There's a free kids pattern for Hammer-style pants I made for M - it starts at 18mos, not sure if that would fit Olive?

Abby and Stephanie said...

I guess for an adult the hammer pants could hide our personal design flaws. :o) How I remember those pants. Growing kids keep you sewing and I love seeing what they'll model next.

Sue Rostron said...

My god, those are lovely, even though they brought back memories of a tie-dyed pair I used to wear way back! Some evil friend even threatens to post a photo of me wearing them and a mullet!

We used to all them poo pants or afghani pants...