Monday, January 06, 2014

Vogue 8810

Vogue 8810 was an impulse buy in the recent Spotlight $5 Vogue sale. I wasn't really too sure about it, but when I googled it there were a few nice ones out there.
As it is not a really fitted dress I cut it out without doing a muslin in my normal Vogue size. I made the fuller skirt, but I did take some of the fullness out by pleating the middle of the skirt front and back pieces before I cut them out.
As it is not so fitted it is really comfortable and I used some voile from the stash which is perfect for the really hot weather we are going to have this week.
 The one thing that does need changing if I ever make it again is the collar, the band is great in the front, but it is ridiculously high in the back, the back was the perfect height before I attached the band. I have folded it back, like a shawl collar, in the rest of the pictures and that is fine with the voile, but with a stiffer fabric it wouldn't fold down so well.
 Definitely a good impulse buy and if I find some more nice voile or lawn I will make another one.


Anonymous said...

It looks great Kate! I have been enjoying all your recent makes.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous. You look fab! What a beautiful make.

flowerpress said...

Love this one Kate, it really suits you. Great fabric.
I've bought a couple of dresses recently where the collar is like that, it must be fashionable, but its awks I think and I usually fold it.
Otherwise its a bit military!

Anonymous said...

It looks really great on you. I like the fabric, too.

Margret said...

Fantastic shape on you! Looks great.