Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fried Computer

My computer is fried. Completely. I'm so glad I backed up most of it on the weekend. So relieved about that. I'm using Chris' at the moment so no photos, but I need to go and sort a new one tomorrow.
I've had a great few days otherwise. It was so good to have Gemma here and not just because she is a great cook. Our other sister Jane gave me a copy of what we call "the pink Thai cookbook" and I have been too scared to try anything, but Gemma made the Massaman beef curry last night. It was amazing.
Gem is staying with Jane tonight and I'm just home from what has become a baby playgroup monthly dinner where we eat great food and leave our children home with our partners if we can and talk about all sorts of stuff. Whoever decided we needed to do this is a genius.
Craftwise there has been a some animal evolution around here lately. I don't think I raved enough about "Good design in soft toys" when I mentioned it last. I have learnt all about darts in the body gusset (yes I may need to get out more) and my giraffe is looking like one! So my elephant has been evolving a little too. Its trunk needed fixing too. Any good Australian who knows The Castle will know it is good luck when elephants have their trunk up. When I get a new computer there will be pictures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Busy Weekend

We have had a great, but busy weekend.
  • Chris' parents were here for Friday night which was great. With such great babysitters here Chris and I went out together for the first time by ourselves since we had the girls!
  • Yesterday we headed to Balingup to the Medieval Fair which was fantastic.
  • The girls hair has really grown at the back and was turning into a mullet. Jean and I managed to trim it, lucky for the girls they have a few curls and you can't tell how badly I cut it.
  • My sister Gemma is due this afternoon which I'm quite excited about as I haven't seen her since our other sister Jane's wedding last February.
  • Here is Harriet and Sophie who will be in my shop shortly.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Groovy Bag

I'm sure I still owe my sister a birthday present from 5 months ago. So Gem you can stop reading now. I made a bag with this bargain canvas I got from ebay recently. Very groovy I think.

We took the girls down to the school fete on the weekend. They had the time of their lives! So many children to talk to and things to see and do. Grace went and sat quietly with some older girls and then grabbed one of their handbags and made a run for it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Bags

I have been making bags and playing around with shape and handles etc. I can't remember where I read about adding darts to the bottom of bags to shape them, but I am very glad I did.
These two are in my Etsy Shop.

Here is a link to a growing list of Aussies who have shops on Etsy.
I received Good Design in Soft Toys by Rudi de Sarigny in the mail last week. Well worth the price. It has some patterns for soft toys, but the first half is all about designing your own toys. We could have an decent elephant soon, not to mention a giraffe that actually looks like a giraffe.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Our Big Day Out

We are back, tired and exhausted from our big trip to Bunbury. Mum came down yesterday to help as Chris is away tonight for work. So we thought we'd go out - something I just can't do by myself. Getting a twin pram into certain shops and some Mother's rooms is impossible, don't even get me started on Dr's offices!
It always sounds like a good idea to go out and the girls are generally pretty good (bribes of hideously expensive bananas help), but the days of a leisurely lunch and nice window shopping are long gone. No really good shopping to report, just stuff that needed to be done like finding good shoes for very small feet, they definitely don't have feet from my side of the family!
Here we are all happy before we left.
One last thing - is it all children or just mine who have a fascination with the toilet and want to throw things in it like rolls of toilet paper or their toys?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ali wrote today about autumn approaching so I thought I'd share some pictures of the seasons changing here. It is definitely still winter here. It has been windy and raining and the fire is on, but there are signs of change in the garden.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Finally sewed this together last night and all the little piles on my desk that have been here for weeks are gone. So today I need to make some new ones.
One thing first - while I was out shopping and the girls were here with Chris they somehow got into this room and had some fun. I think I am quite lucky - it could have been a lot worse.

Friday, August 11, 2006


A short, but sweet post today - so much mess in this house! I have finally made a pincushion using this great tutorial, and this sheep is ready to be sent to a little girl called Amy.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The girls are both asleep. Yeh! I'm hoping they will stay that way for a bit. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. One would have a quick nap, while the other jumped up and down and screamed and then they swapped. And as soon as you got the awake one out of their cot they started poking the other one until they woke up and if you shut the door to stop them they screamed until the other one woke up anyway.
Normally I deal with this, but we had a 1st birthday later in the afternoon so after half an hour of being there they were revolting and kind of loud.
While Amelia had one of her quick naps i distracted Grace for about a whole 3 minutes and we stamped some tags.

A new favourite game is trying to get on the couch and then jump up and down until we nearly fall off. This photo is a bit of a mistake as Grace looks calm and there is no jumping.

This is Amelia after she pulled everything off the shelf and decided it was a good place to sit.
Might have a coffee and read while I have the chance.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just Thinking

I have had a pretty productive day yesterday, craftwise. I had to get the dolls finished so Chris took the girls to visit friends for a couple of hours and I finished the dolls, caught up on a stack of crafting podcasts and managed to read a magazine in the bath - the first time this year!
Zinnia and Penelope

Francesca the Giraffe

I started thinking about all things handmade yesterday. Since I have started reading and participating in the craft blog world I sometimes forget that the rest of the world may not appreciate handmade items like I do. And then I hear a comment like 'why would anyone bother to do that' or questioning my use of wool instead of acrylic to knit with or people assuming you will make something for them for free.
Then I realise that it is still a minority of people who prefer handmade and appreciate the use of really good materials. It was so good to see the dolls at Joybucket sell for a really good price. It is nice to see that there are some people who appreciate the value of really good handmade stuff.
It has been such a revelation to discover Etsy and so good to have places like Whip Up and Craftster to inspire and encourage crafters.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Little Green Doll

Chris and I did a deal. He umpired footy this morning and I crafted this afternoon.
With lots of inspiration from here and a bit from here this is what I came up with.

She looks kind of funny sitting in this picture. But I like her. And the girls do too. They have been trying to get her which is unusual as they usually prefer mass produced crap from China to my lovingly handmade stuff. Maybe I'm slowly converting them. For really amazing dolls have a look here at Joybucket.
Big news here - Amelia has been walking. She isn't big on it though - would prefer to slide around on her knees, but she gets where she wants to go.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Finished Bags

Grace and Amelia had some good naps this week which let me finish some bags that will be presents for two little girls. Two different styles, but both having a couple of matching hairclips. With any luck they will keep sleeping for a bit so I can finish a few more things.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My little stunt rider

It is raining here again. The days have been starting really nicely and you think it's going to be a sunny day, so you walk down the street and then it starts raining. Yesterday I was saturated, the girls were very cosy, snug in the pram. The same thing today, lucky Mum was down and I had planned to meet her in town after playgroup with the car.
In amongst the rain Mum did a great job on the front garden. All the old dead daisies and lavenders are gone and new plants are in their place. It should look really nice in spring. Thanks Mum!!
Amelia has stood by herself a bit and even tried a few steps last night, but she really prefers to be doing this:
A few little cards, copied straight from Denyse Schmidt.
I have sold a few softies locally which always makes me excited that someone likes something I make and today I was asked to make something - a doll. I said yes but now I'm having a small panic attack (although the wine is helping with that). They didn't specify colour, size, anything - just left it up to me. Aaaahh. Another wine and I might have a plan.