Sunday, February 02, 2014

Last Day of Holidays

The girls are back at school tomorrow. I will miss the lazy mornings and having them around, but I am looking forward to some quiet and getting the house organized. Olive is going to be devastated when we drop them off tomorrow.
We have spent the last week cooking new things including gozleme (thanks to Susie for the recipe), which got the thumbs up from 3 out of 4 kids.
We read new books and planned.

 Evie played with the buttons.
 I found this Finel of Finland kettle in a second hand shop. One of those never to be repeated bargain finds.


Annie said...

Enjoy your day...I'm heading off this am to meet my 25 new clients for the year.

Bruise Mouse said...

The house feels so quiet now and I am counting down the hours to go and collect the kiddoes again.
We are big fans of gozlemes too. So delicious. Here is another recipe you might like that uses yoghurt in the dough. Yum.
We ate many gozlemes in Berlin and they make them out of a pastry more like fillo. Divine.
Hope your week back was stress free.