Wednesday, January 08, 2014


The rashies and bathers I made for the girls at the start of the year have been great, especially the rashies. The ones I have bought in the past from the chain stores never last a season and often lost their stretch and became droopy and see through quite quickly. The ones I made are still going strong and haven't had any of those problems. I bought the fabric for them off ebay. It is great fabric, it has kept its shape and its colour and I'd have no hesitation in buying more. 
The only thing wrong is that they are getting too short, so I made some new ones. I used the same three colours for each to stop the inevitable arguments over who gets which colour.
We are having the perfect summer weather at the moment so they are getting worn a lot down at the pool.


Jenny said...

They look great. Geez those gorgeous girls grow quickly :)

bec said...

ooh, thanks for that seller, i'll save that and if i need prob is Sib hasnt grown out of hers, but wants 'new ones'. And she doesnt swim enough to justify making more!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Kate, the girls are getting so biiiig! They look adorable in their new tops!