Saturday, June 12, 2021

Autumn Daisy - a foundation paper pieced pattern

Introducing my latest foundation paper pieced pattern - the Autumn Daisy!
The pattern includes templates for two finished sizes - 8"x8" and 10"x10".
You can find the pattern in my shop
I made 9 of the daisies using Ruby Star Society fabric to make this sweet little quilt. 

A single block would be great as a pot holder or used to make a pouch. 
 It's such a fun pattern to make and works equally well in solids or prints.  

Friday, June 11, 2021

Tulips and Hearts Paper Pieced Patterns

While finishing off my latest foundation paper pieced block pattern (a flower - coming soon, hopefully tomorrow!) I realised I had never blogged by heart or tulip patterns. 
So here they are!
A lovely heart block, in several different sizes - 6"x6", 8"x*' and 6"x8". 
You can find the pattern for sale in my shop

A Tulip block in two sizes - 4"x6" and 6"x8". Find the pattern here.