Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Peppermint Jumpsuit

And now for something completely different.... a jumpsuit!
I really didn't feel the need to make a jumpsuit until I saw the In The Folds collaboration with Peppermint Magazine and then I really needed to make one!
I used some chambray I bought at Spotlight and made no alterations to the pattern except to shorten the pattern 6 inches before I cut it out.
I love it! I'd be surprised if there isn't another one made soon. 

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Swimsuit Sewing

The girls always have two weeks of swimming lessons in January and Olive was desperately needing new bathers/swimmers/togs/swimsuit (depending on which state you live in - we call them bathers in WA). A perfect opportunity to buy some of the awesome coastal fabric from Ellie Whittaker.
I had planned to make the one piece in the new Style Arc pattern, but Olive finds separate bottoms and tops easier so I made the top from the pattern. I basted the collar together first and checked that I could fit it over her head and when it fit I decided not to add the zip so this was finished very quickly. The only other change I made was to shorten the sleeves by a few inches as they seemed quite long. I did make the bottoms but they were a bit big and didn't fit quite right so I pulled out an old Kwik Sew pattern (2605) and made new pants with that. 
I love this fabric, I kind of wish I had bought enough to make myself some bathers or a rashie top.