Friday, February 27, 2015

Steam Punk Quilt

Blocks 2-4.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

McCalls 4769

The sewing mojo seems to be hanging around and so does the hot weather so I thought I would make one more summer dress.
This is McCalls 4769 which is sadly out of print now. I'd read quite a few reviews that talked about the difficult collar and facing, but I read through the instructions, followed each step and didn't have a problem.
The only changes I made were binding the armholes instead of using facing and using 7 buttons instead of 6. If I make it again next summer I'll make a couple of small fitting changes to the bodice. I really like this pattern, it didn't take log to make and it's really comfortable to wear.
The fabric is a quilting cotton by Rebecca Bischoff for Robert Kaufmann.
Sorry about the slightly blurry photos, had 2 minutes before school drop for the girls to take a few photos.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vogue 1323

 After making Chris a shirt I thought my wardrobe could do with a couple. I had originally planed to make McCalls 7094, but after getting the pattern, looking at the pattern pieces and seeing some reviews I realized it was just going to be too tent like. I went through the pattern stash and found Vogue 1323.
 I left off the pockets and the collar and added 1 1/2" inches to the length after holding the pattern up on me. I also took about 1 1/2" off the sleeve length and they are probably still just a little too long.
I will probably just wear the sleeves rolled up so I am considering cutting them off to 3/4 length, but I took my time and did a good job on the cuffs so I can't bring myself to do it yet.

It's comfortable to wear, I like the fabric, but it's not one of my favourite things I have made. I like loose fitting voile tops so if I want another one I think I'll make another Tova.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Night Sky in Teal

I've been playing around with my Night Sky pattern from Strip Savvy.
I love how changing the background of a quilt gives it a completely different feeling.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sock Yarn Shawls

We've had typical February weather the past few weeks, hot, hot and a little humid. I keep dreaming of winter and being able to knit by the fire. I wore a shawl nearly every day last winter and I think I might need a few more in different colours and patterns for the coming winter.
So it's lucky I just got a copy of Sock Yarn Shawls II. 
The first two that caught my eye were Juniper
 and Cinder. These are both in the small shawl section. Both are perfect for a single skein of sock weight yarn.
 I also have Sparrow on my to make list. I like the different construction of this one and how it drapes nicely over the shoulders.
I wound two skeins of Madelinetosh the other day so I am all prepared when the weather gets a little cooler. I just need to decide which pattern I will make with each colour.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Moss Skirt and McCalls 6963

I'm a bit late to the Grainline Moss party, I think I was put off by the mini bit. I'm glad I finally made it, I am impressed by this pattern. The pattern went together perfectly and the pockets are excellent. I did have to rip out the zip twice, but now I have done it I think it will be easy the next time I do it. It is quite a short pattern, I'm not tall at all and I added a few inches so it just hits my knee. 
I used some denim with no stretch from my stash and lined the pockets and waistband facing with Liberty. I cut out my size according to the size chart, but ended up taking it in one size after I sewed the side seams.
 I have a few bits of canvas/drill from Spotlight in my stash so expect to see a few more of these.
 This black top was a quick sew when I had an hour a few weekends ago. It is McCalls 6963. I used some very drapey fabric from the stash, probably a bit too drapey and clingy. After 4 children it's better to use fabric that skims over my stomach rather than clings to it! And this fabric does have a tendency to not sit right at the neckline, it flicks out (which is has done a bit on these photos) and I have to keep tucking it in. If I made another I might also add some clear elastic to the back neckline. Other than fabric choice this is a great pattern, it doesn't take long and the instructions made sense. I'd like to make one with sleeves for winter.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

McCalls 6044

A little unselfish sewing, another McCalls 6044. I have made this before and I made the same changes. While browsing the McCalls site I noticed McCalls 6613 which looks very similar, but is has a yoke so I might wait for a sale and get it to compare the two. I used some fabric I bought at B&J Fabrics in New York last year, I thought it was excessive at the time buying enough for three shirts, but I wish I had bought twice as much. It was a dream to sew and I imagine it is the same to wear.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sutton Blouse

There are some lovely woven tee patterns out there, but I'm pretty sure they aren't made for my shape. When I saw the True Bias Sutton Blouse I thought there might be enough shape in it so it didn't look like I was wearing a cotton box.
The pattern states there is a lot of ease and I had read a few reviews  saying the same thing so I sized down from my measurements. I made a muslin and realized I could size down even further (it is a little tricky to adjust the size after you make it as it is all French seamed). The instructions are great and very clear. The fabric is a lawn from Spotlight. There is a seam at the centre front which so you do have to be careful cutting the front pieces if you have patterned fabric and you want the pattern to match - I was running out of fabric so I did what I could.
I love how the back is a bit lower than the front. I can see quite a few wrinkles on the back, but I think with these sleeves you will always have a bit of this problem (please let me know if I am wrong!).

 I had plans to try the Stylearc Maggie Shirt, but I cut out the pattern pieces and they are pretty big. I haven't made a Stylearc pattern yet and bought the size that matched my measurements so I'm not sure if the sizing runs large or if it's meant to be a very very loose fitting shirt. I'm not too sure if I want to make a lot of changes to make it fit. I think I might just make another Sutton Blouse.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Jen Kingwell's Steam Punk quilt has been on my to do list since I first saw it so when Nicole and Danielle started a quilt-a-long on instagram I was in.
Block one is finished.
A few more are cut out (the templates from Amitie are great).

Hand sewing wasn't an option, I know I do want to eventually finish it!
I pulled out the curve master foot and have had some success, but it is a bit hit and miss. It worked really well the other day, but this morning it just wasn't working.
 So I am back pinning, which really isn't that hard or time consuming, but I am impatient and really want the curve master foot to work every time!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Ottobre Jumpsuit

I've made the Ottobre jumpsuit from issue 4/2011 a few times and while I love it it is not the quickest thing to make for a 2 year old. While flicking through my stack of Ottobre magazines yesterday I noticed one in issue 4/2014.

It was traced and sewn before lunch. This is a very quick sew, a few rolled hems (I'm very thankful my Bernina Overlocker does this with the flick of a lever), some shirring, a few seams, four ties and that is it.

 I used a bit of voile from the stash (I think I used less than 60cm). Perfect for the hot weather.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pia Dress

As soon as I saw the pockets on the Tessuti Pia Dress I knew I wanted to make one. I was slightly put off by the amount of pages I would have to print out, but then I discovered that you can print A0 pages at Officeworks and that the Pia dress came with A0 PDF as well as a print at home PDF. I think it cost $4 a page which was well worth it.
I used some black fabric from the stash which I think came from Spotlight on the clearance rack a while ago, I am not sure what is it, but it is not cotton, maybe viscose or rayon. I made a few changes to the pattern. I knew it would be too long so I cut off about  inches before I started. After I had sewn all the seams  I tried it on and added a couple of darts under the arm as there was a lot of fabric there and was was gaping. I took a bit off the shoulders as they were too wide for me (I really should have cut a smaller size and done an FBA) and then I made a long dart either side of the centre back seam to give it a little bit of shape.

I am not sure it is the most flattering dress, but it is so comfortable and perfect to wear in the really hot weather we have been having and I really do love the pockets and it is a very clever pattern with good instructions.