Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spinning Wheel

Ok Gem I promised a picture of the spinning wheel and here it is. I think I've put it together correctly. I'm still waiting on the some books which hopefully will tell me what to do next.

I've cast on for a real sock, to be truthful I've cast on for this sock three times and each time I've made some ridiculous mistake, so hopefully third time lucky.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No Gas!

Aaahh what a day. We missed playgroup as the girls would not have a sleep so by playgroup time they were so tired. The main living room light has blown and I can't reach the roof even on the ladder and now the gas has run out. Normally I can live without gas for a day and this would not be a stress, but Rolf hates the gas man and was fairly psychotic last time he delivered bottles and we were told he would not be back if Rolf was here.
But I just half to smile now as I can see the girls in the playpen being happy (and not screaming to get out which is rare). Amelia is lying there and Grace is playing with her feet and they are both cracking up at each other.
It will be perfect when Chris gets home, the girls go to sleep and I have a glass of wine. Then I'll think about how to make dinner with no gas.
Sock update: I finshed the practice sock and it looks like a sock! Now I'm casting on for a real one.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


A rare picture of the girls being still.
This is the view you normally see, but usually crawling away from me. They have started to hunt in a pack. Both of them destroying the video, both of them ripping the newspaper to shreds. I did find some time when they were asleep to make them some new pants and Grace (on the right) has a new top as well.

So far so good with the first sock - ok not a real sock, it's the class sock to try all the techniques in Sensational Knitted Socks , but I'm pretty happy with my first go at using dpn.
And one more exciting bit of news, exciting for me and a chance for a good laugh for some of you - I have a spinning wheel. It is a second hand one and I think I've put it back together correctly. Just need to work out what to do with it now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Finished Quilts

It's been a hot one here today. I walked to town a bit later than usual and it was tough walking up the hill, but I wanted to go down and get some chain for the swing the girls got for their birthday from our friends Ali and Matt. Here is Amelia loving it up today. I think they love it as they can see Rolf playing in the garden from there.

I decided to get busy last night and finish this quilt. So the quilting is a bit rough, but I love it. It is Daisiez by Jan Mullen (love all her stuff).

This is the other quilt I made for the girls. They are going to have to fight over who gets what. Both of these are bed size. My Aunty Irene made them the most gorgeous cot quilts so they should be nice and cozy down here over winter.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Amelia and Grace turn one!

I can't believe it has been a whole year and we have all survived. We had a party for their birthday on the weekend and all their grandparents came down and Jane and Ian, Carolyn and Shaun. They both ate a lot of fairy bread and pretty much anything that they could reach. They had their first bit of cake. Amelia tried to stuff the whole thing in her mouth - she was quite excited by it. I'm quite suprised they slept so well last night after all the sugar - the best sleep they have had all week (still no signs of teeth so no idea why the bad week).
Their crawling is getting better and they are getting faster. The weather has been so nice so they have spent a bit of time crawling around the lawn. I had them weighed the other day. Slowly, slowly growing. Amelia as 7.78kg and Grace was 8.14kg. I am sure that has increased after yesterday.
Everyone has gone home now, we just need them to a have a nap so we can have one too - hmmm - wishful thinking.

Monday, March 13, 2006


The weather has just started to get a bit cooler here, especially at night, so I have made it my mission to finish Klaralund as soon as possible (which realistically for me could be the end of winter). I like the look of this yarn and the feel, but I'm just not feeling the love when I have to knit it, it just makes my hand hurt.
The girls are having their afternoon sleep, thank goodness. They have been very grizzly this morning, I wonder if they are going to get a tooth for a birthday present?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A day at the farm

We went to visit my sister Jane and her husband Ian today for lunch and Mum came down as well. The girls were surprisingly good for nearly 4 hours in the car today. Amelia was pretty sick of it by the time we got home though. I could see little arms and legs going in all directions.
Jane made us lunch using mostly ingredients fresh from her garden which is amazing. So Chris and I have eaten way too much.
The girls were very excited by the dogs, the chooks and especially Lawrence the lamb. Unfortunately Lawrence didn't seem that excited by them, but he let them have a pat (pull) of his wool and a ride.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I just saw a Commonwealth Games ad without that Shannon Noll song! Life is good when my world and his music does not collide.

Monday, March 06, 2006


This is the end of my animal making frenzy. I should have a good stockpile for all the babies that are due. I have managed a couple more elephants and then I thought I'd make a little sheep from an Aranzi Aronzo book. Pretty cute, but that furry wool stuff was not that much fun to work with. It definetely needs something a bit thinner.

Grace has learnt how to pull herself up and she is pretty happy with herself. The girls went to a birthday party yesterday and had their first bit of fairy bread. They loved it. Grace tried to shove a whole piece in their mouth and sucked all the sugar off and spat the bread out. Amelia has really gotten the hang of commando crawling. She is doing a nice job of keeping the floorboards polished.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I turned around this morning to find the girls rubbing their heads together and giggling at each other. A nice change from just trying to take each others toys or dummies.
This frog is a bit better. A little bit more in proportion and nice and cuddly.

The pattern for my elephant from my last post comes from this book can be found here

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Elephants and Bears

I managed to finish another little elephant. I love these even though they don't quite stand up right. I love the wool felt - so easy to work with.I'm not sure what this is. It started as a bear and I guess it kind of still is. It is a bit out of proportion like yesterdays frog. I'm still working on the frog - it just doesn't look right yet.

I received some double pointed needles today so time to learn to use them and then I can make some socks!