Sunday, March 27, 2016

Simplicity 8101

I couldn't resist Simplicity 8101 when I saw it. I knew that Olive needed a couple and when I asked my niece, who was visiting, if she wanted one she she said "Yes please! In pink!".
I used quilting cotton for all of it, including the bias binding. 
I had a quick look at the instructions and then kind of followed them and kind of did things my own way. I cut a size 3 which fit both girls (they are 3 1/2) but I probably should have cut a size 4 so it fits for longer. The arms seemed a little tight so I made them a bit bigger (all I had to do was sew the side seam a bit shorter).
This has gone home with my happy niece and Olive is just choosing some fabric for hers. 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jalie 2679

My girls are outdoor jacket and jeans girls during winter, but finding jackets they like is becoming harder (and more expensive).  I knew they would love Jalie 2679, but finding the right fabric was going to be tricky. A lot of the jackets in Mountain Designs and Kathmandu are made from soft shell fabric which I could not find anywhere in Australia (please let me know if there is anywhere I can get it!).
Thanks to Google I discovered a place to buy yardage of all sorts of polartec fabric. Rocky Woods also seems to have some interesting fabric. The only problem with these two places is the cost of postage from the US. Then I found soft shell fabrics at UK Fabrics Online. I think I ordered 4m of soft shell fabric and some mesh for the pocket lining and the postage was only 7 1/2 pounds. 
I chose fabric that was blue on one side and black on the other so I chose some black and some blue to be on the outside. I managed to cut all the pieces from 1m of fabric. It was't hard to sew, but you can't press it and it doesn't stay flat so all the seams need to be topstitched. I traced a size O to fit an 11 yr old. There is plenty of room to wear it over a fleecy jumper. I think the arms are too big, but Milly likes them like this.
The only really tricky part of the pattern were the pocket zips, but Jalie patterns have great illustrations and after putting in two I think I've got the hang of it. 
I used mesh I bought from the same place for the pocket lining.
I am really impressed with this pattern, it was really nice to sew and I am so happy to have made a water and wind repellant jacket for a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. 
The other three all want one so I'll definitely be making more and I might have to make one for myself. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bootstrap Fashion Shirt Dress

I can't seem to say no to a shirt dress pattern and when I saw this one on Bootstrap Fashion I ordered it, printed it and found some fabric immediately. I made a quick muslin and I couldn't believe how well it fit. I think the only alteration was to shorten the sleeves a little and take a tiny bit off the waist. I don't really like pockets with flaps so I used the pockets from the Grainline Archer shirt. There were no markings to show where to place the pockets so I had a guess and I think they are ok. 
I only did a muslin of the top of the sleeve, which was a bit of a mistake as the bottom of it and the cuff are quick large. If they are annoying when I wear it I will just roll them up (I added the tabs and buttons to roll them up).
If you are a beginner sewer or have never made a shirt then this pattern is not for you. I glanced through the brief instructions and then did everything my own way.
It has you cut one yoke, but every shirt I made has had two so I cut an extra and attached them with the 'burrito' method. I could not make out the placket instructions or how the pieces work at all so I used the placket from the Negroni shirt I just made Chris. I used the collar tutorial from Four Square Walls.
It looked ok in the mirror, but I can see a few sleeve issues here, but if I made it again I might need to have a look at how the sleeves fit.

I used a cotton chambray from Textile Traders which was a dream to sew. I really like this dress and this pattern. I think it will get a lot of wear in winter. And now I've had success with one pattern from Bootstrap patterns I'll definitely be trying more. I am very tempted to have a go at one of the jeans patterns.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Liberty Negroni Shirt

I bought this Liberty lawn on a whim from Shaukat a few years ago hoping that Chris might wear it. He wasn't convinced when I showed him, so it sat in the stash for a while. After the success of the Storm Trooper Negroni I thought I would make another Negroni with the Liberty. I didn't even bother trying to pattern match, I only had 2m and it was going to be impossible so I just laid out the pieces and cut. 
He has tried it on and it's in the cupboard with his other good shirts so I think that's a win. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Soaring Eagles in Quilters Companion

Look what is in the newest Quilters Companion - my Soaring Eagles quilt!
And if you get yourself a copy you can find out how to win a copy of Striking Strip Quilts.