Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pyjama Pants

The chicken pox seems to have come to visit our house despite everyone being immunised so lucky my sewing mojo is coming back as Grace and I will be stuck here for a little while (crossing my fingers only one gets it and it stays very mild).
Pyjama pants are not the most interesting sewing, but they are quick to make and with 3 girls all needing a couple of new pairs for winter, sewing your own is a lot cheaper than buying them (and you can avoid the licensed characters which seem to be all over the pyjamas in stores). I usually buy fleecy cotton at the end of the season when it is only a couple of dollars a metre so I had a little stack they could choose from. For the shirts I used winter t-shirts from last year that still fit, but are more pale grey than white and I just appliqued a scrap circle of the left over pants fabric to each shirt.


Kris said...

I love avoiding the licensed characters! So many pluses for sewing your own.

Nell said...

Oh I like the idea of appliquing a circle onto the tops (my children never seem to know the difference between pyjama tops and normal tops otherwise!)

Jo said...

I did that last winter & it turned out well - a great use of those tshirts that are a bit too shabby to wear out of the house.

Ingrid said...

Watch out - first my youngest got chicken pox (despite being immunised) and she infected the older one (also immunised) and their father (not immunised). If they are immunised the infection much milder, and any unimmunised members of the family can be immunised after exposure. If we had known that, Daddy would not have been so very sick (it was horrendous - chickenpox on the eyeballs etc).

I was the only member of the family that didn't get it (and I was immunised as an adult).

At least while you are sick you get to wear gorgeous pyjamas!

Sue said...

Oh I hope the chicken pox goes away very soon. I love the fabrics you used for your pj pants. Isabelle is too tall now for the pj pants in the store, and also the fabrics are too young for her now as well. I might have to look into an adult pattern and make her some small ones!

TheWhineyFairy said...

Good Morning! I'll take your chicken pox and raise you two kids with school sores!

But in other news, I love your sewing. I don't think I've commented before, but I've also visited your stall at the upmarket and also love it there (I'm the one looking a little cray-cray and starry eyed at your beautiful wares whilst trying to stop my kids from getting all grabby hands on them!).

Love the pj pants, and am about to make some out of thick polar here for my two, who also are unawares of their mama's avoidance to $25 licensed stuff that gives her the irrates.

Thanks for blogging, I love this pretty place sooooo much!

A Red Ham said...

I know what you mean about the chicken pox. A few years ago my eldest got them on the day of my second's birthday! And all 3 of my children had been immunised. I then found out that the vaccine is only about 66% effective. My other 2 didn't get them, so I figured the figures on the vaccine were correct! However, he did only have them for a week, where as the kids who were not immunised were off school for at least 2 weeks. Also, other than the spots, he wasn't even unwell. So I guess that is a plus!
Good luck with everything

Unknown said...

Oh no, I hope Grace is better soon. The chicken pox (or rooster spots as my oldest called them) go away soon.

A-L said...

Hugs and strength to you!! It is not nice to have chicken pox in the family but it is very good that children get it while still little. And then they are immune to it for the rest of their lives.
Also: love your pyjama pants and it is a great idea to use old shirts as tops. Might do the same as well.