Monday, January 23, 2012

This week

The week in instagram pictures:
Soap Making.
Shawl knitting.

Coriander collecting.

A little quilting. The pile of unfinished things is getting smaller.


Cass said...

That soap looks amazing Kate

Alicia said...

Awesome soap- 3 types from one batch? Ooh, my coriander is almost at that stage too, good job for the kids to do!

Anonymous said...

soap looks so great!! any chance of a recipe? i've been dying to try out some soap making!

eva said...

that first picture should be fudge...shouldn't it???

SewSurprising said...

Gosh do you ever sleep hahaahha the soap looks really good :)

Janine said...

busy, busy ... what a great way to be

Kate said...

My basic soap recipe comes from Aussie Soap Supplies in a kit I bought from them - there website is great and has many other recipes.

JustForDaisy said...

Will have to check out Aussie Soap Supplies as I too would love to make some soaps.
What a lovely blog - I'm now following along and can't wait to have a better look around! Please come say hi at Just For Daisy! :)