Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spray Basting Quilts

I've always pin basted my quilts, and it's always been my least favourite part of the quilting process. So instead of continually whinging about it I thought I should try spray basting. 

Best decision. So much easier and my quilt tops are so much smoother. 

I've been spraying outside and then bringing the pieces in to the living room on the wooden floor to 'stick' the batting, backing and quilt top together. A quilt ruler is really handy to smooth out any wrinkles, then it just needs a quick iron and it's ready to quilt! 

I haven't quite finished the daisy quilt yet, but I've quilted the Fibonacci quilt below. It was so nice to just quilt without stopping all the time to take pins out, which always made my lines go quite wonky. 

 I've yet to do a really big quilt, but I think I am a convert!

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