Friday, May 21, 2021

Fibonacci quilt

As a Science teacher I love the idea of quilts with links to Maths and Science. This Mini quilt is based on the Fibonacci sequence. 
This was a fun project - I used scraps of solids and kept adding blocks until it felt like a decent size. 
I'm definitely a convert to spray basting after quilting this quilt. So much quicker when you don't have to remove safety pins and so many less wrinkles. 
I think this might be oft hang in my Science Lab for a while!



Debbie said...

oh my gosh. It is so beautiful. Love, love, super duper love it.

Kigwit said...

I love this quilt! My library has a spiral staircase based on the fibonacci sequence. And after our renovation a few years ago we added graphics to various walls that are all based on fibonnacci or the golden ration. We spent a year in the math building during renovation and invited the math faculty over for a special sneak peek just so they could see our new art.