Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jumpsuits, Shirring and Turning Straps.

The end of the Christmas sewing is in sight. It would be finished if I didn't keep having ideas and adding to the list. We are in the middle of a heat wave and everyone needs cool clothes so I am making voile jumpsuits for all the girls. There has been lots and lots of shirring this morning.
And I have made a lot of ties for the shoulders so that is a lot of little bits of fabric to turn inside out. Usually I do this with my fingers and use hemostats to make it a bit easier. When Kerry sent me a copy of her book to review she also sent heaps of wonderful things from Dritz including a pack of quick turns. I love them! I can turn a strap in seconds. I have to admit I would probably never picked up a pack of these in the shop, but now I could not imagine owning them.

Enough sewing I think, time to take everyone to the pool to cool down.


Marina said...

I love your voile jumpsuits. Am thinking I need to get myself some of those quick turns.....

Sarah @ Hunting for Ladybugs said...

I love those turning tubes. I've also heard of McDonald straws with kebab sticks for teeny tiny stuff and then you have to try this super-sized version for bag handles ~