Tuesday, December 31, 2013

McCalls 6044

The last of the homemade Christmas presents was a shirt for Chris. Of course after months of making muslins and lots and lots of procrastination I left it until two days before Christmas to start it.
In the end I used McCalls 6044 with a few modifications.
 I cut between a size M and L and altered the shoulder and sleeves a little as they were to big. I altered the back to add a back yoke and two pleats on the bottom part.
I cut the yoke, button band and pocket on the bias and instead of buttons I used pearl snaps.

I flat felled the sleeve seams following the instructions for the Negroni. If I make a long sleeved version I will cut each sleeve as one pieces and add a placket like the Negroni.
I wasn't quite ready to cut into really expensive fabric so I used some nice cotton that I think I bought at Spotlight on sale for $5 a metre.
There were a few raised eyebrows from Chris as I sewed this. I think he thought it might be a little too country for him, but he wore it all Christmas day and his eyes didn't twitch when I suggested making a few more. I think it might be time to cut into some nice Liberty!


bec said...

Awww, he def liked it then! He just couldnt see the finished product in his head! Love the snaps, and the bias touches.

Annie said...

That looks better than a bought one. You're definitely a pro!

Lisa said...

Wow!!! That is absolutely fabulous. My hubby would love that shirt, it is totally his style. I don't think I will share this post with him, he may want one in every colour! haha!

Jodie said...

Oooh a few liberty shirts would be awesome ,,,,

Tamara Hampton said...

love the pearl snaps! My husband is skeptical of my ability to make him clothes.. I may have to try!!

Samantha Dennison said...

Looks great! Happy New Year xx

Jo said...

It looks fantastic Kate, really professional. I've never made a men's shirt but am thinking of trying one for my Mr this year - can I ask which pattern you'd suggest? This one over the Negroni? And have you tried any others?

ruthsplace said...

It's fantastic.

eva said...

...and nice shirt too!!!!
we get to see the girls often, and i was sure you'd created them by yourself....and here we have proof.

the shirt is perfect, wouldn't be able to tell it apart from a store bought one!! excellent job!!

happy new year to you,
the other eva

Louise said...

Looks great! I love the snaps and the bias button band.

Di said...

It looks fantastic! Lucky man.