Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The crazy weather continues down here, we just had 24 hours without power which the girls found very exciting. Me, not so much. I did enjoy the Uno by candlelight and the big slumber party we had, but I could do without the piles of washing, the freezer to sort out and it is still too crazy to hang anything on the washing line.
Luckily I finished these late the other night before the power went out. It has been ages since I made some bags like these. These are just a combination of  my standard bag patterns I have been making for years.
 Just one big change - I used webbing for the straps and turned them into messenger style bags.
 These are headed off to Loft in town, though I am very tempted to keep that read one.


Taryn said...

I really like these bags. Have you published a pattern for them? What are they like inside? Keep up the great work!

bec said...

I love the Echino one! And the babushkas, actually all are good. Thank God for power!

Samantha Dennison said...

Oh, you poor thing, losing your power for so long!! Sorting the freezer after a lengthy power outage always seems so depressing. Yours, in windy craziness...... xxx

Bruise Mouse said...

These bags are gorgeous. I'm sure that they will be snapped up in no time from Loft.
Bugger about the power. It is amazing how much we take power and water for granted. We had water out for a few hours this afternoon and I felt totally useless.
Take care