Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I finally finished a scarf for my sister, I had started making a shawl, but that ended badly and Kidsilk Haze is not to be messed with. I love this stuff, it is so soft, but I'm not sure I like knitting with it and when you make a mistake you just want to cry. So a scarf it ended up being, based on the one in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.


Di said...

Hi! I made this scarf for a friend last winter and it didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours - even though I did try to block it! Lovely!

blissful said...

The color is lovely; it looks so luscious.

Kidsilk Haze is tricky (and hard to rip) and slippery. Sometimes bamboo needles help -- anything to add some friction.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just came across your blog and LOVE IT! Your girls are beautiful, i love your bags that you make, love those sewing projects (especially the girls pants with the ruffles on the bottom) and the softies...WOW!
Dawn in Canada

Belinda said...

I haven't tried to knit with KSH, but it sure looks gorgeous!