Friday, March 09, 2007

Fixing sewing machines

I finished the dress/smocks/tops yesterday. Typically the test buttonhole was perfect and then somehow the first one on the dress messed up. So no dress close ups. The girls weren't in the mood to be photographed yesterday afternoon. Amelia is wearing the pink and Grace is wearing the blue and green one I made from a thrifted old sheet which unfortunately didn't get softer with age.

I think both my sewing machines need a service. I managed to fix the tension on one yesterday after reading this article. I know though it will be so much better once it has a proper clean out. I know that they will be gone for a couple of weeks so that is why I have two machines, one can go now and one can go when the other comes back.


Unknown said...

The dresses are absolutely adorable, I just wish I had the knack to do them for Jada

Jade said...

Your smocks are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I can't practice on the bub yet, as she's still too small.

62cherry said...

i love the things you make! thanks for stopping by my little place in cyber land ;)