Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tomorrow's Friday!!

Thankyou all for your lovely comments about my animals especially the echidna. I'm feeling a lot better about him now and will try and make another one with a couple of small changes.
Yeh for Fridays!! I can't wait. It has not been the best week around here. Here's the rundown
  • The girls have had little colds.
  • The odd tooth has popped through.
  • Grace would not sleep the other night, except if it was on top of me which meant I didn't sleep.
  • They have learnt to climb, Grace fell off the kitchen table yesterday after climbing up there.
  • Neither would nap yesterday and they were revolting.
  • You can bounce the muffins I made like little balls.
  • I have no idea what we are eating tonight.
  • The underwires in my favourite bras keep coming out.

But tomorrow is Friday and I'm going to the hairdressers on Saturday so I can sit in peace and skim through crappy magazines. I did manage to finish few things including this wombat last night and a pig which has been half done for a while as I think her eyes make her look a bit surprised and I'm not sure how to fix this for next time.


Anonymous said...

Your animals are soooo GREAt !!!! I LOVEEE them !!!!
I still didn't send your the magazines. Almost ready... Juste that the last one of Marie claire Idées is arrived so I am waiting for it in my little shop. Happy sewing !

Anonymous said...

You know you're having a tough day when the underwires go walkabout...

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh man, the curse of the underwire. The softies are cute!