Sunday, February 25, 2007

Noma's Bag

This is the bag I made for my Nan Noma who is 90 today. You'd never guess it. She lives by herself, drives the car - her mind is as sharp as ever, maybe its getting sharper with age - she doesn't miss a thing.
We had a great day with her yesterday and my parents to celebrate Dad's birthday. The girls were so excited to see her, they were so hyped last night they wouldn't go to bed and they were straight out of bed looking for her.
This bag is very Noma, we seem to come from a blue loving family, we all like and collect blue china and pottery. So we'd better go and get ready as we are all off to a winery for lunch.
I just noticed this on ebay. Pamela Peake's Dragons and Dinosaurs. I have only seen this book once before and I bought that copy. So if you like Pamela Peake have a look.


Sue said...

I love the blue bag. Happy Birthday too to your Noma. My partner's grandmothers are both in their 80's, both still drive, and are very funny ladies who have their wits about them. The one who is 85 this year I think is so on the ball it surprises me, but I hope I am that good when I am her age too. Hope you all had a wonderful day at the winery too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate, Pamela Peake is my all time favourite.


Gina said...

What a wonderful present, I'm sure she absolutely loves it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She doesn't look 90 years at all and she looks like she is having fun at putt putt golf.
Love the colour of the bag.
I'm sure she loves it too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful bag as always, Kate! Your Noma looks wonderful.