Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We seem to be drowning in zucchinis and tomatoes. I am not sure why I planted so many again this year when we had this problem last year and the year before. It is just one of those things I think - as soon as they have finished and you have to go to the shop and buy one of those tasteless disgusting things that pass as a tomato in winter you forget how you were sick of the sight of them only a month before. So by spring you plant enough to feed the entire neighbourhood.
So we have zucchini pickle. Very chunky and rustic, perfect for eating on fresh bread.
Dinner tonight was barbeque with fattoush using my own tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, mint and parsley. Now it is back to my little sweatshop in the spare room to keep working on an order.


Ali said...

Yum - wish I was close enough to come and help you eat up all that summery goodness. Seems a long way away on a dismal grey day here.

Anonymous said...

Yum is the word. Tell me how do you sterilise your jars? My in laws grow so much and we are often overloaded> i would love to try pickiling(?) I love Maggie Beer for inspiration.