Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The holidays are at an end. Chris has gone back to work. The house is an absolute mess and the girls keep calling for Daddy. So I gave them some fairy bread and put them to bed.
We just had a great few days in Albany and the weather for the first couple of days was wonderful. We went to the beach and the playground and the girls eventually went for a paddle. The only time I took the camera out the weather turned cold and rainy so this photo doesn't really capture the nice time we had at the beach.
I did have a really good find on the way home. We went via Kojonup and The Loony Pin - great yarn and fabric not far from home!


Anonymous said...

fairy bread and bed - sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you had such a nice time! i can hear your girls saying "where daddy?" like ours do after once the weekend is over and he's back to work. and what is fairy bread? it sounds delightful!