Sunday, May 28, 2006


We have survived the trip to Perth and managed to see people and get a fair bit done. I went to my first craft fair on Saturday. I haven't lived close enough to Perth to get to one in the past so I made a big effort this year. It was great to go and fantastic to see the Quilts on display and the Japanese Quilting Exhibition, but I was a bit disappointed in the lack of variety and different crafts represented. Having said that I did manage to get some lovely fabric and a skein of cashmere.
After the craft fair I wandered into the city to the new Borders and stared at book shelves for 2 hours - I kept collecting books until I sat in one of their nice chairs and could narrow it down to a sensible size.
The girls had a great time in Perth visiting my Nan and then spending Saturday with Chris' parents.

I have been dreaming of new softie frogs so I am off to try and see if I can translate my dreams into a 3D softie.

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