Monday, May 15, 2006

A little bit of craft

I had great plans of a quiet Mother's Day doing my own thing. It didn't really go to plan, but I got a little bit done. Two more pouches for the shop and I ordered some labels to put on my finished things. I tried washing some fleece. Mmmm not sure about the result. I may have felted a bit of it. The thought of carding it is not enticing. The words drum carder are echoing in my head.

Chris turned the girls car seats around yesterday. I am not sure they were much help. Grace annoyed the dog so much she ended up in the prison. I think they will be a lot happier in the car though being able to see where they are going and that we are still there.


Gina said...

Beautiful new pouches!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are too adorable. Our babies must not be that far apart. I am hoping to turn Reese around soon too.

Cute pouches.