Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby Quilts

A simple quilt made of squares, but so perfect as a quilt or play mat for a new little boy. I love sewing quilts for new babies especially when I know their Mum loves and appreciates handmade.
While I was finding fabrics and cutting squares I thought I should cut enough for a few quilts. I used most of these fabrics for one of the quilts in the book. I really love this colour combination and had saved all the scraps so I could do something with them.
 This top had been waiting to be quilted and bound.
 I love it when I few things get finished as now I can start something new!


Plum Cox said...

What a lot of lovely work you've done - great quilts!

Stephanie said...

I love the simplicity as it lets the fabric shine. Making baby quilts even, just because, is fun.

scientician said...

I am in love with the middle quilt. The fabrics just speak to me for some reason. I think I've got a fetish for grey at the moment. And orange. Lovely.

Brenda said...

You make beautiful quilts!