Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fun with Fabric

I have been a fan of Jane Foster's blog and work for a while. I have made a few of the Clothkit dresses with her work on over the years. So I was pretty excited to see this book she wrote and ordered it as soon as it came out.
It is full of colour and great retro fabrics she finds and uses. There are also sections on screen printing and digitally printing fabrics. I love this patchwork of screen printed panels.
I have been meaning to try stamp carving all year and when I saw this digitally printed fabric I thought it might be a good base for a stamp.
I made a simple flower and then a tulip top and a stem and leaves like on the cover of the book.
I still need to get some paint or ink for fabric so to test them out I made some cards.

 My girls loved all the shapes and colours in this book and marked many pages of things they thought we should try. I just wish I could find great retro fabrics in my local op shops.


Di said...

Love Jane Foster fabrics/patterns! And your cards are great.

The bunny in my post is indeed a Delft Miffy - unfortnately it is in a museum and not in my house! I also made it to Dick Bruna House - the Miffy creator's museum in his home town of Utrecht - so more Miffy goodness to follow....

Thanks for stopping by!

A-L said...

what a great idea! love those cheerful flowers.