Tuesday, October 29, 2013

McCalls 6733

All the girls had jumpsuits last summer and they were worn every second day over the summer holidays. I searched for patterns and found a couple of good ones. One of them was McCalls 6733. I made a short version of view D without the pockets in size 8 to test it out. Milly chose some checked seersucker. I realized pretty fast I would never match the checks so I didn't even bother trying.
It is not a difficult pattern, but I would make a few changes next time I made it. The elastic sits a little high for Milly so I would alter the length of the pieces, make the tops longer and the bottom bits shorter. It is a little wide (or too floofy as Milly calls it) so maybe a smaller size, but use this length of the size 8. I think it would be perfect in voile for those really hot summer days.

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