Monday, October 28, 2013

Kids Clothes Week - Simplicity 2909

Simplicity 2909 is a cute summer dress. Eva chose this red fabric when we were in Spotlight one day and it is perfect for it. I made a size 6 in view B.  The only adjustment I made was shortening the straps and leaving off the ties. I find the girls never keep them tied and they just hang on the ground or get caught up in things.
I'm not sure what happened with the front insert piece, it is quite large and I didn't need to gather the front at all. I need to check my tracing, or just cut the bottom of the insert piece thinner if I make it again.
Other then that it was pretty straight forward and a nice little pattern. I think it is out of print now. I found a copy on eBay. 



Sherry said...

The dress is precious and so is your model. great job!

Samantha Dennison said...

What a cutie - the dress and Eva!!