Thursday, October 24, 2013

Burda 9469

Kids Clothes Week - Day 3
The majority of these dresses were done a few weeks ago, but the purple one needed the straps and the ruffle at the bottom finished.

When I think of a sundress I imagine a dress that is long and floaty, perfect for really hot weather, exactly like Burda 9469. It is quite a straight forward pattern, nothing too tricky. Ruffles seem to take me forever so that is why the last one sat unfinished until yesterday.
 It took my years to get the courage to try shirring, but once you try it your realize it is not that hard and I actually quite enjoy it.
 Both girls loved them, anything a bit twirly is always a winner.


Annie said...

Lucky little girls to have such a clever girl didn't come to the party with dresses unfortunately...still quite the Tom boy

A-L said...

Great dresses! That kind of design with elasticated top and narrow shoulderstraps is the absolute favourite of my eldest one. Must be comfortable to wear (or sth.) Your daughters are so lucky to have a mom who actually makes things for them instead of just saying "maybe one day" like "some" (krhmmm) moms do;-)