Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kids Clothes Week - Day 2

Eva's calling this her Space Girl dress. She was so excited when she found this in my stash and she has been asking every day if I have made a dress for her. She was very excited to come home yesterday and find it ready for her to wear.
 I only had 1m of this and it is a directional print so I needed to find a simple pattern. I used a pattern from this new to me Japanese dress book. ISBN 978-4-309-28129-2. I made size 120, which is the largest size.
 This pattern is a quite simple design with a bodice and skirt, with one difference. The skirt has rectangles with wedges added at the size. It gives it a great shape.
 I made a couple of changes to the bodice. I didn't use facings, but lined it and made the back pieces wider and overlapped them in the middle. I found two big yellow buttons in my stash.
The wedge on the side.
 A really great simple dress that probably took me about an hour to make. Eva gave it two thumbs up.


colesworth said...

so cool - the buttons are perfect!

Nell said...

Very cute! I have looked at those Japanese pattern books but never had the courage to try them without english instructions!

Annie said...

What a lovely simple little girls dress, and a lovely little girl in it.

bec said...

Good work on the directional, I would have gotten one bit upside down for sure! What a cutie!

Thimbleanna said...

Eva looks SO cute! That's a darling little dress. You're so lucky to have little girls to sew for -- and I'm so happy that you do!

motherof5 said...

What a great pattern and awesome fabric.
I love how happy she is with her new dress.