Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Preparation

 I had  couple of hours to myself this weekend so I prepped for Kids Clothes Week. I managed to get most of the pattern tracing done while Olive was asleep this week so I madly cut a few things out. I'm definitely being over ambitious, but the majority of things I am planning on making are very simple and hopefully won't take that long.
I quilted the simple square quilt I made the other day and while I was making binding I made some for a couple of other quilts that have been patiently waiting for some. Now to find something good to watch while I hand sew the binding down.


Christine said...

The quilt looks beautiful! And I can't wait to see what you make for KCW

bec said...

Ha, I just bought Simp 2689 from that website you recommended, Sib thought she'd like that one. And she's gotten so many compliments for that lairy jumpsuit, I can't believe how popular it's been! A great sew. I think the tracing and cutting out (the 'prep') is the longest bit, once its all done your'e halfway there! Overambitious- never!

Sally said...

Oh my ... you've planned a lot of sewing for this week. Good luck.

... and yes, I'm new to quilts but am thinking that the key is finding something good on the tele when sewing the binding on.