Monday, October 14, 2013

Yellow, Patterns and Quilt Pieces.

Some random crafty pictures and thoughts:
Yellow is one of those tricky colours. I would never say it is my favourite, but there is a shade or two that I love. As much as I love Bendigo wool I don't love there yellows, so I was pretty happy when this caught my eye while wandering through Spotlight the other day. 
 It is kids clothes week next week. I think I will join in. The girls picked some patterns last night and we made some fabric piles. We are still wearing jeans and jumpers here so it has been hard to think about summer clothes, but the weather has to warm up eventually.
Cutting quilt pieces isn't my favourite part, but I spent a few hours doing it over the weekend. People often ask me where I get time to sew, this is one way I get things done. I get lots of cutting and organizing done when I have big blocks of time and then I use the 5 minutes I have spare here and there to sew. I know I am lucky to able to leave my sewing machine all set up so when I have time I sew a strip of blocks together or a heap of dolls legs. Pretty soon I can have a little quilt top done or a few toys made.


Sally said...

I knitted myself a scarf with that very same yellow wool... it is delicious like butter.

Annie said...

So sew sensible!