Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Making and Doing

Yesterday was a day of making and doing. All those jobs that I had put off and kept meaning to do were done. It is only when you do them that you realise they are actually quick, quite easy and fun and then you wonder why you put them off for so long.
White Oil as the roses are covered with aphids.
Chai Mix from Pea Soup.
Lemon Curd from a recipe in The Real Food Companion by Matthew Evans. My sister bought it for me - she found it for a good price here. This is a great book, wonderful recipes and fantastic information. If you loved Gourmet Farmer you will love this book.
Soap - made using this recipe and vanilla. I am thinking of making some honey and cinnamon soap next. Do you make soap? Do you have a favourite recipe?

A Hopscotch skirt. I cut the size 6 which is the right length for the girls, but too big everywhere else. I didn't make any buttonholes, just sewed the buttons on through both pieces. Grace chose 5 different buttons and the contrast pocket fabric. I think next time I might use the pockets from the Jump Rope Dress - I think it would be very cute on this skirt.


Lisa said...

LOVE the skirt! I'll have to check Bella's waist before I cut out, she's got a tiny waist but needs a 6 length. The denim with coloured pockets is great.

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wow Kate! You sure had a productive day! Skirt is gorgeous! And is that your first batch of soup? Any good, thinking Xmas presents xox

Posie Patchwork said...

Love skirts with pockets, super cute!! Love Posie

Annie said...

I have lots of "doing" to do in my sewing room. It is a total mess and I haven't been in there in 2 weeks. My garden, however is looking good. Just can't do it all

Brenda said...

The skirt is cute and you inspire me to get busy today and see what I can accomplish. I've never tried making soap. It looks like it might be fun. Neat cookbook!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Love that skirt! Still wishing I had a little girl to sew for (can't make the boys wear skirts, now can I!).
The Nicey Jane pockets make a great contrast - and I think your daughter did a great job in choosing the buttons. :)

Sarah Slaven said...

That soap recipe sounded scary I'd love to try it but I might wait till I don't have a baby that climbs on the benches. The skirt looks great it's so special that you let the girls be involved in the creative proses.