Monday, November 06, 2006

The Weekend

The girls are off to the Child Health Nurse today. They haven't been weighed for a few months. After looking at this picture from the weekend I am not that worried. It is hard to believe that they weighed 1.35kg (3 lb) and 1.7kg (3lb 11oz) at birth. I think they may have caught up to other children the same age.
Their behaviour is definitely age appropriate too. We went out with friends to celebrate a birthday yesterday at Jarrah Jacks and the girls were loud and very hyperactive. Beside the girls behaviour lunch was fabulous, great food, great wine and great company.

I managed to finish a few things on the weekend. A few I can't show as they are Christmas presents, but here is a new frog and wombat.


LoriLaurieLauri said...

I am so in 'Wombat Love'!

Jenn said...

you make the cutest things! Giraffes, wombats, little girls...all just too cute!

dani (pyglet) said...

Love the fabric on that gorgeous!

I love the looks on your girls faces aswell. (Camera?...what camera?...I'm eating!)

melissa said...

sweet little animals.. I love their faces!
Your girls are darling too, and I hear you on the behaviour. Sometimes going out to eat is quite hard work, isn't it?

kirsty said...

Those are definitely two healthy little blossoms! They are so pretty. Love the wombats, too :)

shula said...

Positively wasting away, those two!

They have that rosy glow of ultimate health.