Sunday, November 26, 2006

Feeling Better

Thanks for your lovely comments. I feel so much better than I did Friday. I actually felt calmer once I had written it out. I have never realised how therapeutic doing that was. I also discovered a few people around here have had the same problem.
We have nearly survived a really busy weekend, one I had been dreading after the wedding we went to last week, but the girls have surprised me. We managed a late night on Friday, the local show yesterday and a Christening and lunch today. Even the church part was not too bad for children not used to sitting still and being quiet, they were very good.
A bag I finished last night - I thought I would put it on Etsy not expecting to sell it considering the amazing bags on there, but it was gone before I could blink so I'd better go and make some more.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend wherever you are.


Gina said...

so glad you are feeling some healing through expression. what a beautiful bag you made! it's amazing with everything going on, all that you do. your girls are so lovely, the photos always make me "awwww" outloud.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all that your beautiful bag sold so quickly.

Drewzel said...

Gorgeous bag! No wonder people loved it!

shula said...

What ali said. Exactly.