Thursday, November 16, 2006

Banana Cake

Anyone in Australia will know how decadent this is at the moment - making banana cake and muffins. I usually only buy bananas for the girls and they have to share one. They love them so much and it is such an easy food to feed them.
Both of their grandmothers bought them some on the weekend and all of a sudden a bunch of them had turned black and mushy and they couldn't be wasted so we turned them into cake and muffins. They are not bad since I made the recipe up. (Yes that is a corner of the cake missing - well I had to test the new recipe).

I need a new dress for a wedding this weekend and here is the progress so far. I'm using Butterick 4849 which says 'fast and easy' on the cover. It is not that hard, but it hasn't been fast. You should be able to do fast during a nap time. I keep alternating between this is going to turn out ok and this is going to look ridiculous so I'll keep going and see how it looks tonight.


Anonymous said...

I found some bananas at the back of our freezer the other day and immediately made banana cake with them so the girl won't forget the taste of them.
Poor kids growing up without bananas because they are so expensive. We only get to eat them when we are given them as gifts from my mum!

btw: Your cakes look delicious!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks so good! I love banana cake. I can't believe that you whip up clothes whilst your girls nap - you are a whizz!! The dress looks great by the way.

Unknown said...

We always have a "tester" when something is still warm out of the oven.

I had no idea that bananas were a luxury item in Australia! Has it always been this way? I thought perhaps bananas could be grown in parts of Australia?

Anonymous said...

A friend recently went to Australia and couldn't believe how expensive bananas were! Why is that? Cause here in NZ they're nearly the cheapest fruit one can buy, and I don't think they're grown here!
Your baking looks amazing, anyway... I can see why you had to test it quickly!