Friday, November 24, 2006

A Small Vent

I don't think I have really used this blog to vent, but please indulge me today.
Every week or two I go to a bigger nearby town to do jobs I have to do and they have a Coles Supermarket. I usually just fill one of those baskets that fit on your arm, that is usually all I can carry with the pram.
The only problem with this Coles is that the only wide aisle is the 8 items or less aisle. No other supermarket I have been to is like this. There is always another wide aisle. At other supermarkets I line up at the wide aisle even if it has the longest line and wait my turn.
At this Coles I wait till there is pretty much no one at the wide 8 items or less aisle and let people who come go before me and I haven't had a problem in the past, until today when the lady at the check out told me how I couldn't use that aisle.
As much as I calmly (yes I did remain calm) tried to explain I couldn't get the pram out any other way and she just kept saying that was the rule. By the end there was two ladies behind me telling me about the specials I could get in Woolworths and how I should write to the manager. So I think I might just do that and from now on I'll shop elsewhere.
Edited to add:
Don't even get me started on the fact I paid for a pram that will fit through a standard door, but I can't fit it through the door at the doctors, the paediatricians, many shops and several mothers rooms in shopping centres.
Luckily the girls were quite well behaved today although they did try and help me unpack the shopping and take a bite out of all the strawberries while I was putting stuff away.
I hat encounters like that they just make you fell yucky so here are some things that are making me feel happy.
Here is Grace trying to hold Milly's had yesterday.

I was so happy with a wombat that went to the wonderful Lauri I had to make another nearly the same.


sooz said...

Oh yes. Even a standard one kid pram can prevent me from leaving some of my local stores. Shits me to tears. Can't imagine how frustrating it must be with a double :-(

On a much brighter note those wombats just do me in. I love love love them!!! If ever you want to swap for something I make just say the word!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind honey.

I seem to recall an Afghan curse that might work for you:

May you have 1000 daughters, and may they all marry well.

To which you could add: and may all of them be twins.


joanne said...

That is one funky wombat!!! How annoying was that woman at Coles - I can't believe you were so calm I would have used some rather colourful language for sure!!! Even more annoying that whoever sold you the pram told you it could fit through a standard doorway if it doesn't.

Linda said...

I hope you did make a complaint, if nothing else it will make you feel better! works for me. Go to Woollies for sure :) love the wombat.

Jo said...

I used to be a letter writer. Now I let my feet do the talking. I'd be down to Woolies in a flash. Your wombats are just wonderful !

Anonymous said...

I followed a link to your blog from another blog and wow I culd have written that post 12 months ago!

Definitely write to the the manager and email Coles directly... I have has this problem with loads of smaller supermarkets (I went into one when we first moved here only to discover I couldn't get out at all!) but I know the Coles and Woolworths both have policies that state they MUST have a wide aisle exit for disapled and pram customers. I have even had good success with getting our local Soles to order in a twin trolley for me which makes life heaps easier!

Anyway enough waffle, am enjoying the blog of a fellow twin mum!

Gina said...

I'm so sorry you had to endure that. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, Had to share this funny twins story with you to help cheer you up. Our Myer here in town has the accounts dept upstairs, as Mum's BIG twins pram could not fit in the lift and she wasn't going to lift it up the two flights of stairs, she instructed our 3yr old sister to stay with us. When mum arrived back down stairs, she was shocked to find and elderly lady trying to help our elder sister keep us both in the pram. That was a few years ago now.
Wouldn't you think people would have common sense to bend the rules. I don't know what this world is coming to. Definately write to the store. They probably don't even know the girl did that.
Happy Shopping

Drewzel said...

The joys of blogging, you can vent about people that crap you off! I'd also be writing to the management to complain. Bah to Coles.
Wombat is fantastic, love love love the fabric!

tiel s-k said...

It is days like that you wish you could dump the groceries and tell them where to jam their 'good Australian everyday savings' But with two bubs, and little time,that wouldn't be logical.
I always thought when I had the double pram (still do sometimes) it would be good to have somekind of pram parking at supermarkets. You could park your pram, leave it there safely. transfer the kids to the trolley, do your shopping and return to the pram afterwards....and hope they have parcel pick up so you don't have to struggle your way to the car with two children and 8 bags!

Aghhhh, don't you just love grocery shopping!

cynic the lamb said...

That wombat is adorable!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Twin wombats on different continents! lol! He is cute, so I don't blame you!