Sunday, July 19, 2020

Simplicity 8418

My new favourite jacket - Simplicity 8418 in barkcloth by Leah Duncan for Cloud 9. 
I didn't make a muslin for this one, and luckily it fits perfectly. The fabric is a little heavier than what is normally used for a bomber jacket, so it doesn't have the best drape, but combined with the lining it is a very warm jacket. Perfect for the middle of winter here. 
The instructions were not bad, but I still couldn't work out how to finish the sleeves properly and I didn't want to take too much time to do it, so the seams are not inside the lining, but they will never be seen so it's not worrying me. I'm also not a huge fan of the pockets in the side seams - if I made this again I would definitely do welt pockets towards the front more. 
I am happy with it, I've worn it a few times and the fabric makes me very happy!

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