Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bootstrap Fashion Shirt Dress

I can't seem to say no to a shirt dress pattern and when I saw this one on Bootstrap Fashion I ordered it, printed it and found some fabric immediately. I made a quick muslin and I couldn't believe how well it fit. I think the only alteration was to shorten the sleeves a little and take a tiny bit off the waist. I don't really like pockets with flaps so I used the pockets from the Grainline Archer shirt. There were no markings to show where to place the pockets so I had a guess and I think they are ok. 
I only did a muslin of the top of the sleeve, which was a bit of a mistake as the bottom of it and the cuff are quick large. If they are annoying when I wear it I will just roll them up (I added the tabs and buttons to roll them up).
If you are a beginner sewer or have never made a shirt then this pattern is not for you. I glanced through the brief instructions and then did everything my own way.
It has you cut one yoke, but every shirt I made has had two so I cut an extra and attached them with the 'burrito' method. I could not make out the placket instructions or how the pieces work at all so I used the placket from the Negroni shirt I just made Chris. I used the collar tutorial from Four Square Walls.
It looked ok in the mirror, but I can see a few sleeve issues here, but if I made it again I might need to have a look at how the sleeves fit.

I used a cotton chambray from Textile Traders which was a dream to sew. I really like this dress and this pattern. I think it will get a lot of wear in winter. And now I've had success with one pattern from Bootstrap patterns I'll definitely be trying more. I am very tempted to have a go at one of the jeans patterns.


motherof5 said...

I love this so much, well done!
Good honest review too.

Sarah C said...

This shirt dress looks great on you!

Andie W. said...

Oh this is fabulous. Fits you so well. I love the fabric, too.

Kate said...

Thanks, I am so glad I have tried one of their patterns, I'll be making more!