Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jutland Pants

And now for something I never thought I would be doing, sewing with nylon. Chris is a big fan of quick dry hiking style pants so a while ago I searched for suitable fabric and discovered taslan at It was fairly inexpensive so I bought a few yards. Next I had to find a pattern, I went with the Jutland Pants from Thread Theory.
As the fabric wasn't expensive I didn't bother with a muslin. He was kind of between 2 sizes so I went for the bigger one knowing I could add a bit of elastic in the sides of the waistband like his RTW ones (which I did do in the end as they were too big).
I added the hem and knee reinforcement pieces and the cargo pockets.  Taslan does not keep the crease when you press it so it was a little tricky to get straight edges and perfect corners. I was surprised how easy this was to sew though and I quite enjoyed making these.
The instructions for these were great, there was enough detail, diagrams when needed and some great tips. After sewing these and the Finlayson Sweater I wouldn't hesitate to pick another of their patterns to sew. 

Thanks to Soozs who pointed me in the direction of Rockywoods who have an amazing range of outdoor fabrics.

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Abby and Stephanie said...

Wow these are really great. Love the cargo pocket detail too. Happy Hubby!