Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Dishy Bag

After seven weeks on crutches with a toddler in the house I am pretty skilled at dodging the duplo that is everywhere, but there have been a couple of incidents so when I saw this new patternThe Dishy Bag, the other day I bought it immediately.
I used some Heather Bailey fabric for the inside that I found on special at Textile Traders recently (I love those 1.5m precuts they have for $7.50). I used some very heavy denim from the stash for the outside and edging. This denim is so super heavy that I've never found a good use for it. It is great for the outside, but I think I should have used something a lot lighter for the edging as it is really difficult to pull the rope through.
 I used grommets and rope I found at Bunnings.
 The instructions only give the measurements for a 70cm wide mat, but there are instructions for how to make them any width you want. I made mine 110cm wide - the width of the fabric I had.
 Olive seems pretty happy with it and immediately sat in the middle of it to play.
 You can see how the denim is really hard to pull into a bag shape, but it is doing the job here, we just pull it up as much as we can and drag it into the corner. I'll probably use quilting cotton for the edges when I make one for the lego.


Abby and Stephanie said...

That's clever and amazing. I couldn't tell the size on IG. Now if Olive will just say in the bag with her duplos!

Jodie said...

You could gather a small child up inthat bag ( if you needed too)

Abby said...

I love it. My friend Jodi has a pattern for a playmat in a similar vein. It might gather easier with the denim?
Check out her mats here