Thursday, June 12, 2014

Myrten Hat

A new beanie for me. It's been so cold I haven't taken it off all day. It's also perfect for hiding my very noticeable hair regrowth and as I won't get to the hairdressers for another month I might be wearing it every day until then.
I have had the Myrten Hat pattern for a while and I used the flower pattern on a Milo Vest for Olive. It is a lovely pattern and the chart is easy to work from.
 I used Rowan Fine Tweed, I can't get enough of tweed at the moment and I have a nice little stash from various companies waiting to be knit into shawls more another hat.
 I love to watch fair isle grow, it keep me motivated to keep knitting.
 The inside pre-blocking.
 Blocking on a balloon stuck in a bowl. I have found this to be my favourite way to block a hat, you get a good shape and it dries quite fast.
All the rest of the details on ravelry.


bec said...

You're so damn clever!

Thimbleanna said...

What a CUTE flower pattern! It looks great on you too!

Stephanie said...

Gosh I love the flower pattern. Tweed has such a warmth about it. Stay warm. :o)

littlebitofthyme said...

You are so flippen clever!!

Love it!

Jodie said...

I never quite believe it gets cold over there in WA. Crazy brain fart.
Awesome beanie of tricky knittery.