Monday, October 07, 2013

Madeline Dress

I love pattern testing for Marina of Wink Designs and testing her Madeline Dress was no exception.
I knew it would be perfect for some Liberty lawn Mum bought back from London, but I wanted to make sure it fit Olive before I cut into it.
I used some red gingham seersucker for my first one and made a size 1.
 I left off the Peter Pan collar and added some little star buttons to the pockets, the same as I used on the back. I love these pockets. I love all pockets and this was a new way of making them for me.
 I could only find 5 so there are only three on the back. It fit perfectly and has been great over shirts and leggings the past few weeks.
 I cut into the Liberty for the second one. It is perfect for summer. The dress goes together so easily and I love the Peter Pan collar.
 This is a really versatile pattern. You can add the pockets or collar or leave them off if you choose, or make them in contrast fabric. You could make many different looking dresses from this pattern.

 I think it will be my go to pattern for the girls dresses this summer, especially for Olive.


Anonymous said...

It's such fun seeing how the other patterns tester interpreted the Madeline Dress. The liberty version without pockets and contrast fabric is stunning. I'll be borrowing that idea :) Blogless Anna

Copper Patch said...

Absolutely stunning - dresses are nice too ;-)
Love the Liberty, what a good Mummy you have.

Anonymous said...

I do love both versions! After all, a dress will always look great in gingham and Liberty :-)
I'm a pocket lover as well, so these really catch my eye - so lovely!

Marina said...

Thanks for posting Kate. The Liberty one is really stunning and looks fabulous on her....

Marina x

Abby and Stephanie said...

I heart seersucker. :o) It's adorable on Olive. She's the sweetest little model and I love the seeing the clothes you make.