Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ceci Shorts

Spring is here and the weather this weekend has been beautiful. So it was time to go through the girls clothes and organise what they needed for the warmer weather. Amelia wants lots of shorts and searched Etsy with me looking for patterns. She decided on the Ceci Shorts. I used some denim I had in the stash and Amelia chose some contrast fabric for the pockets. I vaguely followed the pattern for the pockets, I just did the binding at the top in my own way. For the rest of the shorts I followed the pattern exactly.
The denim I used was light denim, but more like a drill weight which was probably a bit heavy for this pattern. I sewed the ties in the middle of them to keep them tied as they were just coming undone. I am not sure if they would stayed tied up with lighter weight fabric, but I suspect they might still need to be sewn together. I made a size 7 for  Amelia and they fit pretty perfectly, if anything they are quite generously sized.
I am pretty happy with this pattern, it was well explained and both the other girls want shorts too. It comes in sizes 1-8 so I know it will get a lot of use.


zofia said...

Those look fab.
I think I may need to seek out the pattern. :)

Jo said...

They look great. I've been researching shorts patterns too as my little girl is finally out of the 'skirts only' period. The Ceci pattern was on my possible list.

Naturally Carol said...

Amelia looks gorgeous in her beautiful new shorts!

Kylie said...

They look great - there are alot of nice designs by this etsy seller. I think I may soon be broke.