Thursday, July 26, 2012


The girls and I came across this old typewriter when we were walking in the bush near my parents a few weeks ago. It has been there forever, I remember it from when I was a child. The girls were fascinated, they had no idea what a typewriter was. 
 My Dad got his parents old vintage typewriter out to show them. They loved it. They thought is was amazing.
 A good excuse to buy some of the Melody Miller typewriter fabric. We are in desperate need of some new cushions. I think this will be perfect.


Samantha Dennison said...

I had to explain typewriters to my girls when I read them an old book. And have you seen the ad on telly for Puberty Blues, "before email..."? That took me back!

Yvette Thompson said...

I remember the typewriter in the bush too!

Anonymous said...

So ancient :) and oh how I remember the sore fingers after using them at TAFE. :)