Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Holiday

It is school holidays so we have been to Albany for a few days. We had cold but sunny weather for the first few days so we walked and ran and tried to wear out children. Chris took the big two to the movies for the first time to see Toy Story 3 which they loved. We tried to see some whales, but they must have been far out at sea.

The weather was cold and rainy for the last day so we played inside with cousins.
I managed to disappear to Textile Traders and found a few good fabrics in their buy 2 get one free sale.
I thought about what I will make for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap. So many ideas I can't commit to anything yet.
Today we have been cleaning and washing and after the girls painted we did a lot more washing. (Thanks goodness for crayola washable art supplies - the only paint and textas allowed in this house).

There was also a lot of skipping.
Tonight there will be more knitting. I love Tour time, I seem to get a lot of knitting done late at night. My hat is slowly getting bigger.
I cast on Little Miss Greejeans using Bendigo Rustic for Amelia.


Sue said...

It is always nice to get away. Pity you didnt get to see any whales, that would have been fantastic. Your knitting looks great. I am thinking of knitting a Mr. Greenjeans for the girl of this house too. Cant wait to see how yours turns out.

jen said...

albany..such beautiful coast line..
do you go through mount barker on you way down? There is a dinky little shop called crazy spirits that sells everything from fleece trackie dacks to wool...and good wool, at good prices...also crap wool, but you can get some really good bargains!!! worth a visit on one of your journeys south..

Shannon Fricke said...

Happy holidays! Lovely blog.

Sarah Slaven said...

Looks like you guys are having a great holiday my guys have caught the skipping bug too.

MerryWA said...

Another great shop is the "Loopy Pin" in Kojanup. She has some really different things.

Hope you aren't here still today, cos it's still only 7 degrees outside!!!

Janellybelly said...

Some great Textile Trader fabric finds - as always :)