Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Dyeing

I feel more human this week. The sun has been out and everyone has recovered from their colds, coughs and other germs so we have been able to get out and about.
I thought I could nearly smell spring yesterday, but then it turned cold and rained last night, but it's made me think about new ideas and projects which unfortunately means some cleaning and organising is in order which is a bit overwhelming when I look around my house. I think I will have to just do a small spot everyday and then the thought of it hopefully won't make my head explode.
I managed to get some more dyeing done after they had all gone to bed the other night. I love mixing colours up and seeing how they turn out. I seem to have more sock yarn then I'll ever knit so I have some for sale over here.

Hand Dyed Yarn


raining sheep said...

Beautiful colors on that yarn - I think the pink in the first square is my favorite. I hope you are all feeling better - nothing worse than a sick family.

Philigry said...

so glad you are all feeling better!
beautiful yarn!

periwinkle said...

glad to hear the germs have left - nasty little critters . I think I like the green/purple the best - if only I wasn't so pennyless at the minute
lisa x

our shabby cottage said...

Glad your family is feeling better - I think you passed it on to us through blog land. We have been miserable!!! The yarn will sell like hot cakes Kate. It is so beautiful - pity I don't knit. Kathryn.

Michelle said...

love the look of your etsy shop.
the colours are yummy.

Pixie said...

oh i love your yarn!! i want to buy them all!!

Lauri said...

Glad you are feeling better! I've been there/done that, so I really feel for you. And the girls are looking so gorgeous and growing up!

I have to say how in love I am with your yarns! They are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen! Yarns like this make me really want to learn how to knit, so, last weekend I went out and bought a book on 'How to Teach Kids to Knit'...because that is the level I am on! It shows how to make tiny little doll scarves and hats, dishcloths and bookmarks. I'm using the cheap yarn to learn with, but as soon as I think I can actually make something that remotely resembles anything, I am definitely going to buy some of your yarn. It is absolutely gorgeous!