Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Knitting and Spinning

I finished spinning the rest of the dusty cornflower before I had Eva, but just finished setting the twist. I think it will become a little hat.
I am finally making some progress on the green cardigan. Very slow going.


Gabrielle said...

I remember how useful it was once I learned how to read while breastfeeding (much better for my sanity than crappy daytime tv), but I think knitting while feeding might be a bit hard! Sometimes it seems like the only time you get to stop and sit down. Love the green cardi, it will be gorgeous when it's all done

Gramily said...
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Sue said...

You seem to be working just as hard as you were before you gave birth. The little green cardigan is looking great so far and you will have it finished in no time at all the way you are knitting. Your girls must be very good at keeping themselves entertained for you to be able to achieve so much.